Jane Turner Turning Worlds

Type of Work
New dance theatre performance underpinned by research into the scientific theories of Chaos, Complexity and Emergence, often using image projection and new technologies.

Jane Turner herd

Company Policy
From simplicity comes complexity: foregrounding the epic in the everyday. Working from an inside-out perspective: embracing feminist aesthetics.

Review Extracts
“Troop is a classic seduction parade” Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“Mesmerising, playful and provocative” East Anglian Daily Times

“Emotionally propelled choreography…formidable” The Stage, London anner Time Out

Production Highlights
Herd. (2009)
Herd reconsiders the age old pairing of Woman and Nature. Drawing on the organic and evolutionary structural shapings of Nature’s systems we use the circular celtic maze pattern as both spatial setting and symbol for transformation. Working again with Nick Rothwell the production draws on innovative audiovisual technologies as an integral part of the performance matrix where rules of emergence render themselves as choreography, sound and image.
Art + science, ancient + modern, women + nature, dance+ digitalia.

Troop (2007) and still touring
An erotic, exotic projection evolving in time, the Showgirl is a chameleon, adapting her look to the frame. She glories in your gaze and returns the stare. Taking the fast pace and tight structure of a revue spectacular Troop celebrates the theatricalised female form and the power of the dancing line as we see the dancers’ differences of identity, desire and experience interweave into a matrix of dazzling dance and digital wizardry. Collaboration with writer Andrea Stuart who wrote the definitive book ‘Showgirls’ combined with Turner’s personal experience as a Showgirl have created a highly original reappraisal of this iconic figure and her enduring allure.
An elegant and engaging tribute to that beautiful creature, The Showgirl.” Total Theatre

Baby (2006)
Explores female rites of passage: bodies, biology, and the Big Bang.

Birds, Bodies (2005)
A dance performance that exists somewhere between improvisation and choreography. The eight female dancers explore the space between the self and the social, the known and the unknown in considering female concerns of representation, supported by an audio-visual matrix of live feedback.

e-MERGE (2004)
A sci-art performance project fusing new dance, music and interactive technologies in an exploration of the new science theory Emergence. The multimedia e-Merge communication system enables commands to be networked to performers and visual interfaces on stage in real time, while at the same time allowing their activity to influence the evolving performance organism. A close relative of Chaos and Complexity, Emergence is a scientific phenomenon describing dynamic systems that self-organise in unpredictable ways: flocking birds, ant colonies, street fashions, performance.

Jane Turner 'Troop'

Permanent Staff
Jane Turner: Choreographer

Recent Collaborators
Natasha Bisarre, Alexis Bradburn, Mirjam Gurtner, Jessye Parke, Ann Pidcock, Jo Stobbs, Gregoire Meyer, Tim Taylor, Nick Rothwell, Daniel Biro, Luke Dixon, the Whoopee Club, Anna at Abstrakt PR, Deborah Baddoo

Size of company
small-middle scale

Tel: 07801 352300
Email: jane@janeturner.net

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