Iskandar Dance Company is distinguished for its strong and singular aesthetic line and purity of movement drawn from a musical, emotional and human expression. The choreographies delve into the different stages of consciousness expressing points of transition between theatre and movement.
The Company believes that dance has the power to transform and bring people to a new awareness of themselves and the world. This is achieved through performance in theatres and unusual spaces. Iskandar Dance is a vibrant company, formed in 2005, promotes excellent work that moves and inspires. The Company, led by Artistic Director Alessandro Bascioni, makes exceptional critically acclaimed productions that tour internationally.

Production highlights

Burning Lands, 2014
Burning Lands, Alessandro Bascioni’s new and daring production is about humanity and the earth; the inner human existential condition which ultimately reflects in the outer world as turmoil, war and the struggle for earth’s survival.

El Hourria (Freedom), 2012
Alessandro Bascioni’s new piece brings forth a strong portrayal of the topical events surrounding the Tunisian Revolution. Making use of multimedia and dance theatre, the evocative choreography dramatises the desire to end oppression through a cry for freedom that touches all humanity.

A’nour (Light), 2011
The piece moves into the world of the animistic ritual, based on the concept that ones body and mind are compelled to release dark forces (or evil spirits) through high pitched movement and dramatic release that culminates in rebirth, spiritual elevation and connection with the Divine.

Becoming, 2009
The piece plays with imaginative figures, vivid personae that communicate a strong synergy in a dreamlike world. Becoming is the process by which all beings search for sense of completeness, that is; an inherent desire in all beings to live, to grow, to change and to become.

Review extracts

“Burning Lands……The Gestures are captivating, mesmerizing.”
GBOPERA Magazine – Gea Finelli

“Iskandar Dance Co….Shows the vitality of pure dance.”
La Tribune de Bruxelles

On Iskandar Dance Company,
“Pace is dignified, even stately which contributes to a vaguely ristualistic atmosphere, heightened by several leifmotifis of movements recurring throughout. Alessandro Bascioni the enigmatic lead dancer shows through his choreography an appreciation of the dimension of his stage and produces dances which although they repeat are rarely repetitive… a well hour spent at the Lilian Baylis Theatre in Sadler’s Wells”. Gerald Dowler, Dancing Times

Artistic Director & Choreographer
Alessandro Bascioni


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