Founded in 1999, H2DANCE is choreographer/ performer duo Hanna Gillgren (SE) and Heidi Rustgaard (NO). Their work sits in between performance and dance and can be characterized as interdisciplinary, often taking a humorous approach to serious subject matters. Recurring themes in their choreography are group behaviour, conformity, power balance and manipulation. The notion of the group versus the individual, the public and the private is investigated through mediums such as movement, voice and video performed in and outside the black box.

Production highlights

Staging Ages (2015) is an intergenerational project in collaboration with five dancers aged 8–70. The works looks at the generation gap, the meeting between generations and how we can learn from each other as well as accept and adapt. Dignity, expectations, prejudices, norms and taboos will stand as central themes in the work.

Duet (2013) is an autobiographical work performed by Hanna and Heidi, and based on their ongoing couple therapy. The work, a collaboration with Wendy Houstoun, dissects the double act, the notions of being a twosome, its power struggles and compromises.
Concept, choreography and performance: Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard

In Say Something (2011) H2DANCE takes on choirs with a strong social identity investigating groups, conformism and freedom of expression. Sharing the performance space, the audience and the performers are in constant negotiation with one another, influencing the direction and outcome of the work, making each performance unique. H2DANCE tours a children’s version as well as an adult version of Say Something.

Review Extracts

“Their charm comes from the women’s personalities, their autobiographical honesty and dry sense of humour.” The Times

“The disconnect is funny, sometimes brutal, and always entertaining.” The Guardian

Say Something
“Most satisfying and emotionally charged performances I have seen in a long time.” Fringe Review – Outstanding performance

Co-Artistic Director / Choreographers/Performers: Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Producer/Project Manager: Natalie Richardson

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