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The work of Green Candle Dance Company is based on a belief that everyone has a birthright to communicate, express themselves and enjoy themselves through dance. The company recognises that many are denied that right and it therefore seeks to be part of a process whereby people in all communities, of all ages and of all physical and mental abilities have the opportunity to both watch and practise dance.

Green Candle Dance Company tries to reach as wide a cross-section of the community as possible, and especially those people who normally have least access to dance. Many performances and workshops are directed towards a particular age or interest group – older people, young people in primary schools, young people in secondary schools, physically and learning disabled people and so on. Dance, though central, is only a part of Green Candle’s performance style – much of the work is narrative, involving aspects of theatre, song, live music and strong visual design alongside exciting dance that often draws on traditions from around the world.

Production Highlights

Falling About (2008/2009)
Falling About is a dance theatre production for older audiences, encompassing a feast of different dance styles – jitterbug, tap, contemporary dance and new and old songs. Performed in small scale art theatres, day care centres, community halls, hospitals and sheltered housing, Falling About addresses the often complex issues that surround falling, both physically and emotionally, in a light hearted and humorous way. Each performance had the option of an accompanying workshop, where the audience could join in a chair based dance session and chat with the cast.

Listening Eyes (2005)
Green Candle Dance Company has just completed a successful tour of Listening Eyes for deaf and hearing children aged 4-7; the cast included two deaf and two hearing performers and aimed to provide an enjoyable experience that was completely accessible to both deaf and hearing children and raised the level of deaf awareness among hearing children and teachers.

Mina’s Story (2002/3)
Mina’s Story is a topical and exciting dance theatre show, looking at the experience of being a refugee through the eyes of a young person, at the same time addressing many universal issues that face a child growing up – identity, sibling relationships, loss and adventure. For children aged 8-13 years

Alanna and the Tree (1996-2000)
In 1996, Green Candle created a new show for its younger audiences. Alanna and the Tree was designed specifically for 7-12 year olds. An ecological tale about a young girl’s battle to stop the building of a road through her village, Alanna proved to be a great success with children and adults on its nationwide tour.

Review extracts

‘The performance was original and of very high quality – the dances were excellent and beautifully choreographed.’ Tina Wood, Activity co-ordinator, Peabody Trust, St John’s Hill Centre

‘…staff said it was really one of the best things they have ever had there and particularly like the gritty, real non-sentimental story and the different types of dancing especially the zimmer frame one’. Alison Teader Arts & Education Co-ordinator Central & Cecil Housing Trust

“For the entire hour’s duration of the show, the children in the audience at the Watermans Arts Theatre, Brentford, were enthralled. I too was captivated by this fascinating production, which uses sign language, speech, written words, live music and dance to guide us through Hari’s school day.” Alison Kirkman, Dancing Times, May 2005

Permanent Staff
Artistic Director: Fergus Early OBE
Development Manager: Annie Pooley

Green Candle Dance Company
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Photo Credits:
Green Candle Dance Company
Production: Falling About (2009)
Photography: Hugo Glendinning
Dancers: Jreena Green and Fergus Early

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