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Othello. Photo: Perou

Physical / Dance Theatre 31 Eyre Street Hill, London
Tel: 020 7841 3115

Frantic Assembly creates thrilling, energetic and unforgettable theatre. The company attracts new and young audiences with work that reflects contemporary culture. Vivid and dynamic, Frantic Assembly’s unique physical style combines movement, design, music and text.

Production Highlights

Othello (2008, revised 2014/5)
Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett were awarded Best Direction at the TMATheatre Awards 2009 for the original production and it was named a theatre highlight of 2008 in the Independent on Sunday, Guardian and Observer. This is a mating ground. There’s tension around the pool table, cues in hand. A world of broken glass and beatings in the car park. It’s dog eat dog. And its about to kick off…

The Believers by Bryony Lavery (2014)
Two families are flung together on a night of cataclysmic weather. Bruised, tired and seduced by the flow of alcohol, they wrestle with their differences until, suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Something unbelievable. As their versions of what happened begin to fall apart and their perspectives become clouded by suspicion, they turn on each other in a desperate fight to understand the truth.

Lovesong by Abi Morgan (2011)
Lovesong intertwined a couple in their 20s with the same man and woman a lifetime later. Their past and present selves collide in this haunting and beautiful tale of togetherness. All relationships have their ups and downs; the optimism of youth becomes the wisdom of experience.

Beautiful Burnout by Bryony Lavery (2010, remounted 2012)
Awarded a Scotsman Fringe First 2010 for innovation and outstanding new writing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and named one of the Observer’s top 10 plays of that year. Bryony Lavery’s heart-wrenching and deeply human story follows five young fighters as they aim for the bright lights, far from Glasgow’s mean, grey streets.

Little Dogs (2011)
Little Dogs was inspired by the Dylan Thomas story Just Like Little Dogs, and the furtive hours so many of us have spent searching for kindness and warmth in the shadows of the city. A new production for the National Theatre Wales 2012 season, staged at Patti Pavilion, Swansea.

Review extracts

“The most innovative and progressive company around…” The Times

“This is breathtaking new ground … forget the ‘cutting edge’, Frantic Assembly are nothing less than the bleeding edge of contemporary British theatre” The Stage

Permanent Staff
Artistic Director: Scott Graham
Executive Producer: Despina Tsatsas

Contact Details
Frantic Assembly
31 Eyre Street Hill
London EC1R 5EW
Tel: 020 7841 3115

Photo credits:
Othello. Photo: Perou
The Believers. Photo: Helen Maybanks
Beautiful Burnout. Photo: Ela Wlodarczyk

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