Avant Garde Dance Company

Type of work
Hip Hop, Contemporary, Mixed Media.

Company policy
Avant Garde Dance Company create innovative work in all areas of theatre arts. With the use of hip-hop at its core delivered in a contemporary package, Avant Garde embraces not only the different genres within the dance world, but all others within the arts. Not afraid of stepping outside of the box, Avant Garde have collaborated with other art forms such as; poetry, singers, musicians, film, circus and multi-media.

Choreographer and Artist Director Tony Adigun began Avant Garde Dance company as a creative release to produce his own work without the restrictions that the commercial dance scene holds. Their mantra, “Innovate Never Replicate”, speaks true throughout the portfolio of work they have built up over the past 8 years. They have developed a style unique to them and are a company that is able to create fresh and exciting work. They are highly respected and recognised in hip-hop and contemporary dance circles alike as a driving force within hip-hop dance theatre. Avant Garde Dance Company work in three main sectors: Dance Theatre, Education and Commercial Work. They are currently Associate Artists of East London Dance

Avant Garde Dance Company

Review Extracts
On Spectrum
“Skilled choreography & ensemble… Stunning visual effects…So slick” Edinburgh Fringe Festival ’09 The LIST

“Thrilling to watch…Strong group of skilled and expressive dancers” FringeGuru

“Bold, inventive dance…Awe-inspiring” The Stage

“Jaw dropping movement…Explosive show” Broadway Baby

On OMEGA ‘Another New Day In Between The Lines’ at Resolution & ADAD Bloom Festival ’09
“Adigun taps a hip-hop source to power an electrifying piece of contemporary choreography….Partly improvised but always tautly produced, this is a high-tension piece that never loses its cool” Sanjoy Roy

On A Classical Break at Breakin Convention’09
“Superbly timed and musically exhilarating” Alistair Macaulay, New York Times

Avant Garde Dance Company

Production Highlights
Dance Umbrella 2009 – African Currents Solo/Duo Programme
A unique and exciting event where Africa meets East London. Stratford Circus plays host to five of the continent’s most significant young dance artists. They include Danse L’Afrique Danse 2008 winner Kaolack, with his provocative solo J’Accuse; Andréya Ouamba and Fatou Cisse’s intimate duet Contre Poids which explores communication across divides; Michel Kouakou’s meditative solo Behind Me, in which he reflects on his history and origins; and Papy Ebotani’s autobiographical solo Na Tempo, in which he combines mundane actions with ritualistic behaviour. Each piece is complemented by a short prelude created in response and performed by East London Dance associate artists: Avant Garde Dance, C-12 Dance Theatre and VOCAB Dance.

SpectrumEdinburgh Fringe Festival
Spectrum immerses you in a world of late night tele visuals. Inspired by the BBC 2 Test Card F, Avant Garde’s highly charged dancers uniquely use contemporary movements sourced from the Hip-Hop scene to explore what transpires in the lucid flow of our imagination when you stay tuned to a seemingly still image. In amongst beams of light, white noise and colour-ful electromagnetic waves a dream like sequence of optical wonderment emerges. Playing with the nature of consciousness and of imaginary worlds, Spectrum creates a feeling of late night desertion, where the world has gone to sleep and even television broadcasting has stopped- or has it?

OMEGA ‘Another New Day In Between The Lines’
This work utilises a simple and intriguing lighting technique to immerse the audience in an individual’s confined space and free will. The result is a captivating, on-edge and intimate performance.

Silver TreeCommission by Remarkable Productions and Circus Space
At first glance, Chinese Pole and Hip Hop Dance might appear strange bedfellows, however they share a similar physicality and acrobatic shape throwing. Expect these ingredients to create an original, fresh, contemporary circus dance piece

Attack of the BandstandSite Specific Commission from Remarkable Productions
A site specific piece where the bandstand of Victoria Park is literally attacked. This guaranteed high energy, hard hitting urban dance production is inspired by the apocalyptic action thriller Mad Max, this piece will blow you away with its tribal warrior vibe – a visual feast that will lead you mercilessly into an interactive world of chaos.

iPod and IResolution The Place
iPod and I is an interactive exploration into the mind of a choreographer. A revealing insight into the thought patterns experienced while creating a new piece. Doubts, blockages, visions and inspirations are explored in this multi media journey.

Avant Garde Dance Company

Permanent Staff
Artist Director: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Sara Gordon

Size of company
small scale, middle scale

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