Yaye Dib Sabar

African Dance Tel: 07514 09 19 76 www.ydsabar.com

Yaye Dib Sabar is an exciting new African dance and drum company, based in London and founded by Diene ‘Waaw Waaw’ Sagna.

Regular courses run throughout the year and offer a fun, friendly and motivating learning environment. Students are encouraged to develop and understand the rhythms, traditions and technique of African dance. All classes are accompanied by live drumming.

Yaye Dib Sabar also host the annual weekend intensive event ‘JUMPforJOY!!’ every June, as well as offering training holidays to Senegal each year where students are immersed into the culture to gain a deeper understanding.

In 2013, the company have begun to develop as a performance collective with sensational dancers and drummers from Senegal, Brazil, Jamaica and the UK. Vibrant and innovative choreography’s are emerging in traditional and modern day African music and dance. The group has been described as “highly professional” and “truly inspiring”.

Permanent staff:
Diene Sagna
Mohamed Gueye
Dembis Thioung
Ousmane Camara
Veronica Leopoldino
Alexia Villard

Current dancers:
Diene Sagna, Veronica Leopoldino, Andrea Queens, Chloe Redmond, Miriam Dubois

Size of company: Small

Contact details:
Email: info@ydsabar.com
Tel: 07514 09 19 76
Website: www.ydsabar.com

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