The Tabernacle is an arts and arts education centre based in Notting Hill, North Kensington.

The Tabernacle Centre for Arts and Learning aims to support and extend the creativity of the community by supporting artists to make and present their work; to encourage all ages to step into learning. Working across all art forms, Discovery through Learning offers term-time courses, holiday projects, ‘master’ classes and artists’ residencies.

Class details
Please contact the Tabernacle for details of current classes

We Dance Academy
Wednesdays, 8.15 – 9.15pm / Fridays, 6.15 – 7.15pm
We are a dance school specialising in teaching the Russian ballet system, established by the famous teacher and choreographer, Aggrippina Vaganova, and the post-modern dance technique, commonly known as ‘release technique’ that is based on the modern dance systems of Jose Limon, Martha Graham, Steve Paxton and Merce Cunningham.
Classes for children and adults.
Contact details:
Evi Mavrou – 07580625310 //

Swing & Blues Classes
Thursdays, 7.45 – 9.45pm
Swing dance is a collection of dances from the 1920s, 30s and 40s including lindy hop and Charleston. It is a great way to meet new people, have fun, get some exercise and challenge yourself!
Contact details:
Pippa & Tobias
Pippa – 07904 658089 //

Vinyasa Yoga with Nicola Seagroatt
Mondays 8 – 9pm / Wednesdays 7.15 – 8.15pm
Nicola teaches a dynamic flowing class with the aim to uplift and restore as you mindfully move through sequences, maintaining a deep focus on breath and alignment. There is also space to explore pranayama and meditation. Her classes are designed for all levels and she uses the power of music to encourage students to fully immerse themselves in their practice of yoga.
Contact details
Nicola – 07752 964383

Positive Spirit Yoga
Tuesdays, 6 – 9pm / Wednesdays, 12 – 1pm / Thursdays, 2 – 3pm / Fridays, 12 – 1pm
Mieke’s classes are based on the Hatha Yoga techniques of relaxation, breathing, warm up excercises, sun salutations, and postures. The focus especially being on the breathing and also Mieke incorporates some of her Qigong experience into the practice.
Contacts details
Mieke – 07968 119651 //

Kundalini Yoga
Tuesdays, 12 – 1.30pm (7 weeks)
All classes will begin with an opening chant
“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” and expect to finish with deep meditation, a closing song “Long time Sun.” Expect to focus on your breath (specifically “breath of fire”, where air is sucked in and out rhythmically) and there may be movement and, dance. Kundalini has the power

The Ballet School
Monday – Wednesday & Friday
The Ballet School follows the Royal Academy of Dance system of training. Classes are thirty minutes to two hours depending on the age and level of each child.
Our aim is to give each child the opportunity to develop self-confidence, poise, co-ordination and musicality in a fun, creative yet highly professional environment.
Contact details
07904 833984 //

Flamenco with Paola
Mondays 8.30 – 9.30pm
In this Beginners class you will pick up the essential foot/heel rhythms, posture, strength and body control, as well as hand movements and expression.
Contact details
Paola – 07941415988

Hatha Yoga
Wednesdays 10 – 11am
Hatha with a difference: invigorating and uplifting, loosening and strengthening muscles for confidence and self esteem: the sensation of being in control of your body and mind.
Contact details
Jane – 07876 303 540

Free Yoga with Tatyana
Sundays 9 – 10am
As part of my karma yoga, I want to offer something back to the society. This is why I invite you to join me for a yoga practice every Sunday morning for free. This special yoga class is open to all, regardless of yoga experience.
Contact details
07515 016 407

Adult Ballet with Alessandra Masoero
Tuesdays 12.30 – 2pm / Wednesday 1.45 – 2.45pm / Thursdays 9 -10.30am – live piano music with very experienced musicians – small class sizes (10 people max), so each dancer can be carefully looked after – solid ballet foundations based on RAD, Balanchine and Maggie Black techniques.
Contact details
Alessandra – 07900 226856 //

Capoeira Canal
Thursdays 4 – 6.15pm
Ca-po-air-a can be a way of life. It is an opportunity to get fit, develop skills, have fun and feel well in mind, body and spirit. It originated with enslaved Africans in 18th Century Brazil as a fighting dance of rebellion. Today, it is a celebratory fusion of active arts.
Contact details
07910 288 091 // 020 7221 1827 //

Urban Wild 5Rhythms Dance with Jessica Howie
Fridays 7.30 – 9.30pm
In these classes our aim is to drop deep into our dance and fully explore the 5Rhythms. We set the intention to allow ourselves to be as we are in the moment, no matter what shape or form that might take.
Contact details //

Santhosh Latinburn
Tuesdays 9.30 – 10.30am
Santhosh Dance is for everybody who wants to keep fit and feel happy! The popular Latin Burn dance workout consists of Latin dance moves choreographed into an easy-to-follow workout.
Contact details
07557 529500 //

Everybody Ballet
Mondays 1 – 2pm
Everybody Ballet provides ballet classes for anyone and everyone; no previous training necessary, just the enthusiasm to do something different. //

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