As a dance academy building beyond students’ techniques in dance & musical theatre, the founder of RDA, Angelo Ruggieri, pioneers in producing novelty shows around the world, offering our students opportunities of real stage experiences. This international show production is the DNA of the school and is designed for our students to accelerate their performing progression that no other school can offer…

We believe everyone is born with an inner strength, confidence and joy to fulfil their dreams. Angelo, the founder of RDA, lives out this belief himself. Pursuing his passion for dancing despite the resistance from family, he persisted in putting himself in a rigorous and top standard ballet training environment and was later hand-picked by the prestigious European dance companies to perform regularly on the National stages across Europe. It goes without saying that excellence in dancing is in his blood.

Delivering exceptional quality of dancing & performing arts, RDA knows the best way to prepare talents for the world of dancing and musical theatre, is to combine uncompromising techniques with real stage experiences.

We teach and encourage students to persist and continuously push for their individual new level of performing in a friendly, fun and humble environment. The academy commits itself to produce novelty shows across London, Italy and China providing students opportunities to take part in these international productions.

Regardless of age, gender and race, we invite and support people to dream and live out their passion for dancing and performing either as a professional career or as a lifestyle choice. Perhaps the reality of life may overshadow or weigh down one’s talent deep inside, we strongly believe that this treasure will never disappear.

Come and let us help you to live out your dreams. We believe in you and the passion inside of you, do you?

We offer Dance Classes and Courses in an extensive range of styles and disciplines, across all levels of experience – so whether you are setting foot on the dance floor for the first time, already have years of experience, or recently tried a new dance course.

Class details

Classes for adults:
Ballet, Contemporary, Street, Hip Hop, Commercial, Jazz in Heels, Musical Theatre, Tango and Ballroom.

Classes for Over 60’s:
Latin and Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Rock and Roll, Swing, Jive, Line Up Dance

Classes for young people aged 5-18 years:
Street Dance – Hip Hop

Classes for Early Years – under 5’s:
Street Dance – Hip Hop

Angelo Ruggieri, Justine Lee, Paola Langella, Cindy Ciunfrini, Valeria Famularo

Location of classes
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
9, Sovereign Close, E1W3HW, London


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