Nicoletta Key Bonanni

African Dance Styles Contemporary Pulse dance studio, 15 Liverpool Road
N1 0RW
Tel: 07955282486

Contemporary & Afro/Caribbean flow is Nicoletta’s personal approach to Afro/Caribbean vocabularies and contemporary dance. This fusion aims to create a methodology which enable trained and untrained individuals to explore movements and music under an holistic perspective, and to rediscover them with Nicoletta’s distinctive style.

Students are going to be introduced to many different types of Afro/Caribbean and Latino grooves as well as to contemporary approaches inspired by Gaga, contact improvisation, Cuban contemporary and Acogny technique. Students will be also led to listen and appreciate their bodies, to move and be moved by the dances and ultimately to engage into a cultural research and understanding of their own and others heritages.

Pulse dance studio
15 Liverpool Road
Angel, N1 0RW

Nicoletta Bonanni
tel: 07955282486

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