Afro/house/hip hop class aka Reflectionz choreography

African Dance Styles Hip Hop and Street Dance Tel: 07950806694

Reflectionz Choregraphy is a mixture of Afro beat & traditional African dance mixed with house or hip hop foundations. Reflectionz Choregraphy is a reflection of yourself through dance, which then others learn & enjoy. This class is general to intermediate level.

Lesley is also a choreographer and does events such as weddings, fashion shows, music videos, parties, advertisements and festivals.

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Next workshop
Lesley’s next workshop date 29 October at Studio 68 at 5.30pm.

Class details
Afro beat, house & hip hop general to intermediate
Classes across London – in Lambeth, Newham, Southwark, Willesden & Leytonstone.

Lesley Reflectionz
Lesley is a also choreographer for events, shows and weddings

Lesley Mutombo-Agbepa
Tel: 07950806694

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