Khyal Arts is a local Walthamstow non-profit making organisation, working to create community cohesion via Indian arts, whilst offering exciting activities based on the arts and culture of North India.

Aspiring to share love for dance and movement with everyone and strive toward the following goals: – To provide high quality Indian dance and music that inspires, energizes and imparts the colour and vibrancy of north Indian culture. – To help anyone who seeks improve their fitness, rhythm, expressiveness, health and wellness through inclusive community dance classes To share the beauty and intricacy of Indian dance and culture with broad and diverse audiences, to increase awareness and engender community cohesion.

ALL welcome!
Exciting workout combining sounds of Caribbean and India; inspired by Carnival!
Tone abs; improve core strength; invigorate energy; focus the mind; breathe life into your fitness routine, in a fun, friendly environment.

Kathak 4 ALL
Everyone can experience the joy of Kathak Dance.
Inclusive, accessible class with flowing footwork, timeless hand gestures, intoxicating music and sumptuous sounds of ankle bells. Fascinating and heartfelt fun; a rewarding and energising experience…

Kathak Kids Autumn Course for children aged 4 to 9 years
Kathak Kids takes a modern approach to classical Indian dance, combining storytelling with classical Indian dance, structure and fun. Traditional ankle bells enhance rhythmic play and expressiveness. Storytelling fires your child’s imagination in this supportive and enjoyable learning environment.

Bollywood Fusion
Khyal Arts’ exciting mix of Bollywood and Street Dance; it’s the perfect (and most unique) combination of fitness, fun and physiological well-being… !

Victor Gobin – ChtneySOCA
Archita Kumar – KATHAK
Emiko Ishii
Parbati Chaudhury

ChutneySOCA is held at: Waltham Forest College
707 Forest Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 4JB

Kathak 4 ALL and Kathak Kids are held at: Bhakti Yoga Centre
631 Forest Road (between Town Hall and The Bell)

Vanessa Downie
Phone: 07958523431

What’s On