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  • London Gypsy Orchestra

    London Gypsy Orchestra

    Hackney WC1H

    Gypsy and beyond… Dance Classes. Learn traditional moves and choreographies from Gypsy, Balkan and relate… Continue Reading

  • Marylebone Dance Studio

    City of Westminster NW1

    Open classes are held (weekdays and evenings) regularly for adults. A wide range of dance styles, marital arts,… Continue Reading

  • Dance Teacher Simona Mauriello
Photo: Michael Flatley Dance Academy

    Michael Flatley Dance Academy


    Michael Flatley Dance Academy aims to teach this unique style of Irish Dance to children and teenagers in a pos… Continue Reading

  • On Bouge

    Islington N1

    French and Breton Folk Bourrées, Breton gavottes, polkas, mazurkas, rondeaux, schottisches and valses. (Don… Continue Reading

  • Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (London)

    Kensington and Chelsea SW3

    Scottish country Dancing ranges from fast, exuberant reels and jigs through to slower, elegant strathspeys. Da… Continue Reading

  • Spassov Dance Studio

    Spassov Dance Studio

    Haringey N22

    Like to explore different cultures and looking for a different way to exercise? Why not give FOLK DANCING a go! … Continue Reading

  • Tanec

    Tanec - Bulgarian Dance Group

    City of Westminster SW7

    Bulgarian Dance - A great variety of step-work using both incredibly fast and moderate tempos with rhythms excep… Continue Reading

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