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Flamenco North African & Middle Eastern Dance The Red Door @ Islington
Tel: 020 7837 5279 www.flamencodescalzo.com

Flamenco Descalzo® (Barefoot Flamenco in English) is an original dance fusion which returns to the flamenco’s roots and puts a strong emphasis on Moorish and Gypsy influences. Created by Valérie Romanin, it is elegant blend of different moves and energies from flamenco, belly dance and gypsy dances.

Class details
The course focuses on learning technique, understanding rhythms and facilitating expressiveness. Gradually, the dancer becomes “one with the music” and the whole knowledge is reflected in the body movements. Students enjoy the nice sensation of learning and dancing flamenco barefeet, in small groups and relaxed atmosphere.
Valérie Romanin teaches weekly classes and intensive workshops for adults, in small groups (up to 8 students) and friendly atmosphere.
She regularly conducts dance workshops at schools.
She is also available for private tuition.

Valerie Romanin. Photo: Robin Lever

Belly dance refers to a feminine dance form originating in Egypt and performed all through the Middle East. This dance is characterised by isolated movements of different parts of the body, with great emphasis on the hips. Valerie Romanin invites each student to experience a significant variety of styles: Sharqi, Baladi, Saidi, North African Folk dance.

Location of classes
The Red Door @ Islington, London, WC1X 9AZ
London Borough of Islington
Nearest tube station: Angel on the Northern line

Valérie Romanin
Tel: 020 7837 5279
Email: info@flamencodescalzo.com

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