Can't Dance? You Can!

Freestyle & Fitness Hip Hop and Street Dance Jazz NW1 Tel: 020 8731 6901

Individual sessions and classes for those who think that they lack rhythm or co-ordination and find it difficult/impossible to go onto the party / wedding
/ club dancefloor. Freestyle dance, confidence building.

Using Dance Movement Psychotherapy to overcome your fear of dancing and the dancefloor
There are many who do not enjoy getting onto the dancefloor but who can cope and if taught a few moves, could enjoy the experience. There are also those for whom the thought of dancing and joining others on the dancefloor, is much more of an ordeal. Those in the latter category experience feelings of dread, they avoid and run away from dancing situations and can ‘freeze’ and panic if they stay. Often there is a belief that they have not got rhythm or co-ordination and fear looking stupid. Can’t Dance? You Can! is for those in the latter category.

Teacher: Jacqueline Butler (Dance Movement Therapist)

Camden NW1
London Borough of Camden

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Tel: 020 8731 6901

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