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Studio Space Training & Education Flamenco Professional Development Tango Classes for young people Dance Venues Resources for Teachers 99-109 Lavender Hill, Units 120-121 Battersea Business Centre London
SW11 5QL
Tel: 07494 339061

Battersea Spanish, Spanish and Latin American Cultural Centre and Spanish School is all about quality. A vibrant community building offering fresh and innovative courses for Spanish learners, dancers, native speakers and everyone who loves Spain & Latin America. Also offering 8 week Dance Courses as opposed to drop-in schemes. The pre-booked group lessons allow the students to work with people at their same level, and the teaching quality is at its best as the tutor can dedicate time and detail to promote sound progress, which can be felt week after week. Working with the same people every class also creates a wonderful atmosphere of trust, companionship and friendship, which is the best environment to learn and have fun!

Adults, Young people (5 – 18), Over 50s : Salsa for Beginners and Improvers, Tango for Beginners and Improvers, Flamenco and Sevillanas for Beginners and Improvers.
Children and Young People (5 – 18) : private tuition for Salsa, Flamenco and Tango.
Children under 5 : Flamenco and Salsa

Carmen Igarza for Flamenco, Rojo y Negro for Tango, Juan Carlos Reno for Salsa

99-109 Lavender Hill,
Units 120-121
Battersea Business Centre
SW11 5QL

Stephanie Kennedy
Email :
Telephone : 07494 339061 or 07554 685682

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