Ballet Body Sculpture

Ballet Body Sculpture

Ballet Classes for the over 50s Pilates David Lloyd Kensington, Point West, 116 Cromwell Rd, London
Tel: +44 (0) 207 993 1107

Ballet Body Sculpture: Ballet fitness classes combining elements of Pilates, Ballet, Stretching & NLP aimed at all women who want to tone, develop elegant posture, increase core strength and flexibility

A fitness program specifically designed to develop and maintain great posture. It promises core strength, flexibility, tone, balance and coordination, within a safe fun social environment.
Working with individuals in private or small group classes, teachers are trained professionals with years of experience in developing grace and form for top level performances.
No previous experience in ballet or fitness is necessary to join the classes – start by attending a trial class or booking an individual assessment for specific goals.

Who the classes are for
All Women from 20 – 60+

[Ballet Body Sculpture also offers professional training for children & young adults who are aiming to become professional ballet dancers. Please contact them directly for more details.]

Class details
Please enquire and register by:
Tel: +44(0) 207 993 1107
Group Classes are by registration.
Private individual training is also available.

Asta Bazeviciute

David Lloyd Kensington , Point West, 116 Cromwell Rd, London SW7 4XR

London Borough of: Kensington & Chelsea

Asta Bazeviciute
Phone: +44(0) 207 993 1107

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