Active Afro Training

Active Afro Training. Photo: Irven Lewis

African Dance Styles Freestyle & Fitness Pulse Dance Studio, 15 Liverpool Road
N1 0RW
Tel: 07748061153

The Active Afro Training is a technique created and developed by Madee in 2010. Madee is an experienced choreographer and performer who has worked in France and UK for more than 10 years. The aim behind the training and its written teaching method is to give people a key understanding of African dances. There are many different dances in Sub Saharan Africa but there are rules and principals that all these dances share: rhythm, strength, isolation and relation to the floor.

With this African dance training you will learn popular and traditional African dances like Ndombolo, Coupé décalé, Zulu dance, etc., understand African music and develop body strength!

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Dance styles
African dance styles, fitness classes

Who these classes are for
Adults. Young people also welcome

Class details
Madee will break down moves from all over Africa in order to target particular muscles like abdominals, calves, pectorals, gluts, biceps, etc. Madee has selected playlists of the best that African artists have brought to the world. It’s a pleasure for your ears to discover new sounds and rhythms. This can also be a really good basic course if you want to dance to a high level in African dance styles. The Active Afro Training is suitable for all ages and genders! It is all about enjoying the process to be fitter!


Locations of classes
Pulse Dance Studio, 15 Liverpool Road, London, N1 0RW
London Borough of Islington
Nearest station: Angel on the Northern line

Stoke Health Centre, 16 a London Road, Twickenham TW1 3RR
London Borough of Richmond
Nearest station: Twickenham overground rail station

Tel: 07748061153

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