Review: The London Ballet Company - 00 and his 7 - Bridewell Theatre

Performance: 23 October - 9 November 2012
Reviewed by Germaine Cheng - Friday 2 November 2012

The London Ballet Company '00 and his 7'

Performance reviewed 1 November

Amidst all the tall city buildings on Fleet Street, the Bridewell Theatre is barely noticeable. On a small lane and down a flight of stairs, the intimate blackbox theatre wears its heart on its sleeve – its various lights, rods and wires adorn the ceilings over the audience.

The London Ballet Company present their latest production here as part of the theatre’s ongoing Lunchbox Theatre series, which allows office goers a welcome break from the monotony of their workday.

Riding on the wave of the latest Bond movie and celebrations of the film franchise’s 50th anniversary, the London Ballet Company’s 00 and his 7 consists of 13 short vignettes named after Bond films such as Octopussy and Die Another Day. Fran Mangiascale’s Bond is a groovy spy with a wide grin (Austin Powers anyone?) and he is spoiled for choice with a bevy of seven ladies in shimmery dresses – all impeccably coiffed and sassy.

It is a fun game of ‘spot the film or ballet reference’ as Mangiascale appears in Bond’s famous blue trunks from Casino Royale and in another scene, has his drink spiked and dances till he passes out like Giselle’s Albrecht. The show is not short on drama – a blossoming romance, a masked villain and a mezzo-soprano singing Goldfinger. There are no damsels in distress here, instead it is Bond who is rescued and the show closes to generous applause.

00 and his 7 is a light-hearted, bite-sized terpsichorean Bond film, or many rolled into one!

Continues at lunchtimes (1pm), Tues – Fri til 9 November

Germaine Cheng is a graduate of the Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. She writes for English National Ballet’s Dance is the Word blog and contributes regularly to

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