Review: Dancing Nikita Company in Summer Dance Production 2008 at Beck Theatre,

Reviewed by Kiran Bansal - Monday 16 June 2008

If one can imagine kathak being the dance of story telling, then an awesome, awe inspiring, beautiful and interesting story was energetically portrayed at the Summer Production of the Dancing Nikita Company held on Sunday 8th June 2008 at the Beck Theatre in Hayes, Middlesex. The story of art, of passion, of form, of colour was lovingly depicted by all the dancers, ranging from the under nine age category to the professional dance troupe. Beginning with the elegant, Salami (prayer) dance by talented young professional dancer Nikita Thakrar, the audience’s appetite had been whet for more of the elegance, grace and charm. In the trio following, the two ten year old girls performed a simple kathak piece from Mughal-e-Azam with natural talent making the rhythmic footwork and graceful arm and hand movement look so easy. Adding variety and spice to the summer production was Britain’s young, talented and up and coming Asian singer, Navin Kundra, who kept the multi-cultural audience well entertained with his enchanting renditions in Hindi, Punjabi and English, keeping the audience invloved and enjoying being part of the performance. Though perhaps, it may have been an idea for some of the dancers from the company to perform in the background. The two most enjoyable performances were from children ranging from four to twelve years old who, kitted in their lovely blue outfits, were well co-ordinated and clearly dancing with a passion. The second-half, although marred by a technical glitch that meant a few minutes of nothingness, was a tribute to the already legendary Madhuri Dixit, an outstanding dancer herself! The professional dance ensemble of The Dacing Nikita Company justly performed the tribute. To snippets of songs from various successful movies of the Bollywood icon the professional dance ensemble of The Dancing Nikita Company integrated classical Kathak, ballet, and contemporary dance moves to produce a flowing, captivating, unique, and well thought out continuum. The whole show was inspiring and full of passion. Look out for the Autumn Production to be held in Maidenhead in October. Review: Parveen Bansal

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