Review: State of Emergency - WHERE IS HOME? - Rich Mix

Performance: 6 May 2017
Reviewed by Asterope Tia Chatzinikola - Monday 8 May 2017

Performance reviewed: 6 May 2017

Where Is Home? is a dancy-dancy musical theatre work, tribute to homeland, adventure and nostalgia. Michael Joseph, Dumisani Ngubane and Bafana Solomon Matea choreograph a story of migration, displacement and belonging.

The original score by Steve Marshall and Wouter Kellerman, blends RnB and Jazz music with South African traditional sounds. Where Is Home is one of those composite performances that distract you, confuse you and finally win you over.

It begins with five slithering dancers whipping around the stage like felines. They move with high-leg extensions and spiral rolls wiggly ending to the floor. In an oracle atmosphere Tony Banyatsi receives a prophesy:‘Seek your fortune in another city’. Abruptly——-we are members of a gang ready to steal!

Impressive handstands, violent falls and plunges form a police pursuit. The scenery takes only a second to transform itself again in an audition room. The dancers strut around in their colourful tops hitch kicking, stag leaping and forming an MTV-like scene. Banyatsi and Nosiphiwo Samente lyrically release the tension with their love duet just before we go to London city with its fast-paced life.

Act I is an unstoppable channel zapping. A bombing of different scenes, dance styles and narratives that chop the plot into bits.
Act II keeps a more cleaned-cut pattern allowing me to admire what is truly great about Where Is Home: the supercharged multitalented performers.

Banyatsi gives a tremendous tap-dance solo while Thapelo Kotlolo’s razor-sharp manoeuvres are an exploding break-dance force. The story ends with Banyatsi deciding to return to his homeland where true happiness is.

Where Is Home is a brave exploration of togetherness, fellowship and love. Somewhere in my notes I wrote ‘(…) how deep roots block branches bloom’. Bearing in mind that ‘Less is More’, I believe that Joseph, Ngubane and Matea have a bold piece to blossom.

6 May 2017
Rich Mix
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Asterope Tia Chatzinikola, is a professional dancer with a Literature degree. She studied at Central Saint Martins (MA Arts & Culture Enterprise) and she is a reviewer for and Dance Writer.

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