Review: Resolution! at The Place

Performance: 5 Jan - 17 Feb 07
Reviewed by Lindsey Clarke - Friday 16 February 2007

15 February


Richal Dance Art Museum My Devilfish Table Time

Anti-Ballet The Maze

¡Wonder, My Devilfish was a disjointed series of rough vignettes, performed by two brown clad females, clumsily stacked together and making as much coherent sense as its title. Opening with extravagant air guitar playing it segued into a pale lip-sync version of Jonny Cash’s cover of Personal Jesus sung into camera and projected onto the backdrop while one of the pair cried into a mobile phone. Some step ball changes and further fuzzy video moments later there was some speaking in German and a film of them disco dancing as the credits rolled.

Richal Dance Art Museum want a backward R to their name but my keyboard won’t do that. Still, such quirkiness at least extends into their work. Once the overly long prelude featuring live stills of the characters posing to some cheeky barbershop style music was over there ensued cartoon comedy capers loosely based around a love triangle and largely based around a handsome table. Owing as much to the Keystone Kops and Morecambe and Wise as Anime, this fun, extravagantly mimed sketch caper was light-hearted, colourful and flirty employing nifty physical movement and endearing acting.

For a company named Anti-Ballet, The Maze was disappointingly jazz-ballet in bodywarmers and split-sole trainers. Starting with a touch of comedy acting as the different coloured teams were instructed to navigate the maze it all went a bit wrong as the hard house kicked in and the choreography failed to do anything interesting with its concept. There was lots of choreographed striving, some running and rolling. With more than a nod to the telly kitsch that is Fort Boyard this piece sorely lacked a central evil genius like Dirty Den and frankly, it was no surprise when the ‘competitors’ all failed by the end.

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