Review: Mahabharata at Sadler's Wells

Performance: 25-28 Apr 07
Reviewed by Brian Jones - Sunday 29 April 2007

28 April performance. At best, this production is poor. At worst (the Andrew Lloyd-Webber (I kid you not) musical interludes) it is insulting trash. The acting (it is a play with musical interludes, not a dance production) is poor, and the writing of both script (where Krishna is reduced to taking on the “Basil Exposition” role from Austin Powers) and lyrics (with rhymes that sound like they might have been written by a 10-year old Noel Gallagher) is appalling. Some of the (brief, patchy and infrequent) dance interludes are tolerable. We left at the interval. In short, don’t go. It’s commendable that SW is branching out into panto, but I wish they’d said that when we booked the tickets….total rubbish.

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