Review: Alesandra Seutin & Vicki Igbokwe (ADiaspora Collective) in Frusted at Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

Performance: 11 & 12 October 2010
Reviewed by Sam Gauntlett - Wednesday 13 October 2010

Alesandra Seutin & Vicki Igbokwe's 'Frusted'

Reviewed: 11 October

Performed as part of Dance Umbrella’s Brief Encounters series, which showcases short works prior to main stage shows during the festival, _*Frusted* _is an arresting exploration of internal female struggles.

Five women emerge from the shadows, dressed in overalls: slaves to a battery of negative thoughts and emotions. Their faces morph from zombie-like stares into crumpling sadness, glaring anger or wide-eyed fear as their bodies twist and flinch in a jagged articulation of pain, audible breaths escaping their mouths with the force of each sudden movement. Funky, street-style head slides are mixed with earthy African foot shuffles and when the five travel the stage together to complex rhythms [music by Daniel ‘Dan Beat’ Gale Hayes], the effect is strangely moving.

The piece is fairly abstract: although one woman talks of “running, constantly”, we are unsure of what she might be running from or to; another woman seems stuck in a rut of repetitive, compulsive, panicky jerks and one appears to be attempting to strangle herself. Forms of emotional and psychological suffering are expressed, but the details of these women’s stories are untold, leaving us with a raw landscape of low plains and dark caves: powerfully disturbing.

Dancers: Carla Trim-Vambe, Federica Bonfiglio, Lerato Lipere, Laurel Dalley Smith, Vanessa Guevara

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Frusted was part of Dance Umbrella 2010.
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