1. Upon Awakening. Photo:  Brian Slater

    Review: Fallen Angels Dance Theatre - Letting Go / Upon Awakening - Clore Studio, Royal Opera House

    Claire Cohen, Tuesday 25 November 2014— Performance: 18 November 2014

    Paul Bayes Kitcher, himself a recovered addict, fused his experience as a former soloist at Birmingham Royal Ballet with a desire to help other addicts and founded Fallen Angels in North West England in 2009... Continue Reading

  2. James Cousins Company. Photo: David Foulkes

    Review: James Cousins Company - Without Stars / There We have Been - The Place

    Graham Watts, Monday 24 November 2014— Performance: 21 & 22 November 2014

    A forceful, absorbing double bill confirms the huge talent of this young choreographer, recognised so early in his creative career when he was awarded the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award in 2012...  Continue Reading

  3. Kali Chandrasegaram - 'S(He)-dom: Freedom versus He-or-She-dom'

    Review: Mythical Dance, part of Gaywise GFEST - RADA Studios

    Lise Smith, Monday 24 November 2014— Performance: 20 November 2014

    Around two-thirds through Kali Chandrasegaram’s 'S(He)-dom: Freedom versus He-or-She-dom' where the cast ask, “Who cares what’s between my legs?” A valid question, of course...  Continue Reading

  4. 'The Space Is In Between Us'

    Review: Alexandra Baybutt & Dávid Somló - The Space Is In Between Us - Theatre Delicatessen

    Josephine Leask, Friday 21 November 2014— Performance: 5 -29 November 2014

    There’s nothing very inspirational about the interior of the empty office shells that used to house the Guardian newspaper’s staff in Farringdon Road. They are bog standard, open-plan, identikit offices wit… Continue Reading

  5. Review: Joe Moran - Arrangement - Greenwich Dance

    Jeffrey Gordon Baker, Friday 21 November 2014— Performance: 15 November 2014

    At first the work seems to deploy the hyper-masculine propensities Moran criticises - male bodies engage each other aggressively in what appears to be a violent discombobulated scrum, but it slowly evolves.. Continue Reading

  6. Company Chameleon 'The Beauty of the Beast'. Photo: Brian Slater

    Review: Company Chameleon - Beauty Of The Beast – The Place

    Siobhan Murphy, Wednesday 19 November 2014— Performance: 18 November 2014

    Company Chameleon's latest work mines the themes of modern male identity & group dynamics with a mix of humour & pathos... Continue Reading

  7. Alicia Markova. Photo: Wikipedia

    Review: Markova 2014 (talk) - Ivy House Music and Dance

    Laura Dodge, Wednesday 19 November 2014— Performance: 26 October 2014

    Born in 1910 as Lilian Alice Marks, Alicia Markova became the first British ballerina. Now ten years after her death, the London Jewish Cultural Centre celebrated her legacy in the very same Ivy House room that … Continue Reading


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