Reviews for Vertical

  1. Le Patin Libre 'Vertical' in rehearsal at Somerset House, January 2016.

    Le Patin Libre - Vertical - Somerset House Ice Rink

    Josephine Leask, Wednesday 13 January 2016 — Performance: 12 - 16 January 2016

    They remind me of a flock of geese, their heads tilted as they check us out. They are wild, free and animated while we huddle together behind the rink barrier. Immobile and frozen. But it’s worth it. Continue Reading

  2. Le Patin Libre - Vertical - Somerset House Ice Rink

    Press Review 5Katie Columbus, The Stage, Friday 15 January 2016Performance 12 - 16 January 2016

    The sound of skates scraping, spinning, and crunching, adds to a multi-sensory performance experience (we are outside, in the freezing air surrounded by the tremendous Renaissance architecture of Somerset House), and is incorporated into a percussive section as the group… 

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