News: Young dancers lack discipline

Tuesday 7 February 2006

Following the international summit on ballet training, organised by DanceEast, concerns have been raised about the standard of dancers coming out of ballet schools.

David McAllister, director of the Australian Ballet, explains that, “many of the problems faced by himself and his colleagues are culture-based. ‘A lot of the younger generation want instant gratification. They expect a Pop Idol career-path. Ballet’s not like that.’” Luke Jennings, Observer, 5 Feb.06

Louise Jury learns that performance psychology could be the key to successful dance training,
_“British ballet should adopt psychological performance techniques used by the country’s sporting elite to help find the new generation of Darcey Bussells. _
Up-to-date training could help Britain to overcome the dearth of home-grown stars in its main companies where Russians, eastern Europeans, Spaniards and Cubans have taken many of the best jobs in recent years, insiders said.” Independent, 3 Feb.06

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