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Thursday 29 October 2009

November sees the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event which provided a rich vein for choreographer Maresa von Stockert’s questioning intellect and her company Tilted Productions.

There’s another chance to catch *TrAPPED* at The Place this weekend on Friday 30th & Saturday 31st October. It tells the story of five characters who have become caught up in a nightmarish, Kafkaesque world. There are threads that can be traced back to von Stockert’s personal history, yet there are also themes which resonate with our changing views of private space (a London resident can expect to be filmed up to 300 times a day). TrAPPED seems particularly relevant given the dissolving nature of private and public spaces, with performances taking place amidst newspaper stories of lost data and unethical snooping.

Talking about TrAPPED Maresa von Stockert said: “I have wanted to make a piece inspired by the German Democratic Republic for several years. I was born in the former West Germany. My mother fled as a small child together with my grandmother and her sister across the border from the East to the West. I wanted to explore more about this part of my family’s history and my German identity. I felt ready to start working on this last year and by coincidence the piece is being performed on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

“I am quite amazed by the amount of CCTV in the UK today. One can hardly escape being on camera at all times in big cities. Often we are not even aware that we are being watched and most of the time we don’t even question the necessity of camera lenses pointing our way. What exactly is all this CCTV for? How is the footage being used? Have we signed up to what can sometimes be perceived as an invasion of privacy? Maybe once in a while we should ask these questions…”


Tilted Productions in TrAPPED
Fri 30 & Sat 31 October 8pm
The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre
Tickets: £5-£15
Box Office: 020 7121 1100

Ironically, a dissident who secretly filmed conditions in East Berlin may have been instrumental in bringing about the wall’s downfall: BBC news report

BBC Berlin Wall Archive footage

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