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Friday 22 August 2014 by Carmel Smith

It’s full marks at The Place, as all of their GCSE dance students passed, achieving A – C grades, a very strong performance compared with the national average for GCSE Dance, which was 65% last year.

For many students undertaking the GCSE it’s the first time they realise that dance can be the object of study as well as a hobby or future vocation. It also teaches them to employ dance as the method of study, not only to develop their practical dance and interpersonal skills but also to enhance their analytical and creative thinking.

There is no audition or entrance exam for the course. The Place welcomes applications from young people with varying levels of dance experience with a desire to develop their skills and understanding of dance and choreography, not necessarily those who wish to ‘chase grades’. The GCSE team supports students to help them reach their own individual potential, regardless of what final grade this might be. The course is taught over 1.5 years unlike most other schools and centres, which deliver the GCSE over 2 years. Home to London Contemporary Dance School, Richard Alston Dance Company and used by a wide range of professional dancers The Place offers an inspiring environment in which to study.

“We’re proud of the achievements of our GCSE students,” said Peter Laycock, GCSE Programme Manager at The Place. “The hard work and enthusiasm shown by the group has been nurtured and supported by an excellent teaching team. Each individual student has developed their confidence and skills in performing, creating and analysing dance…and had lots of fun in the process. To see this reflected in such excellent grades is enormously rewarding.”

For anyone considering taking the GCSE Dance course, there’s a Taster Day at The Place on Sunday 14 September 2014, 12.30 – 2.30pm
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