News: Third Rural Retreat

Monday 21 November 2005

The third Rural Retreat – ‘*The 21st Century Dancer: Nurturing Talent’ – organised by *Dance East, will be run in partnership with the Prix de Lausanne. It will take place directly following the 2006 Prix in Vevey, Switzerland from 29 January – 1 February next year. For the first time in a Rural Retreat ,the Artistic Directors of the world’s ballet companies will be joined by Directors of ballet Schools.

Scottish Ballet’s Artistic Director Ashley Page said : became obvious at the Artistic Director’s Retreat that many of the issues currently facing ballet companies cannot be looked at in isolation and must be shared with the professional schools that are training young people from the age of 10 years for careers with these ballet companies. In the process of keeping abreast with developments in the dance world, companies and schools need to keep an open dialogue to ensure that basic training equips young dancers with the necessary skills required to work with the developing repertoire.”

The Retreat will look at key issues identified by the Directors and the Steering Group, which reflect the shared responsibilities of both companies and schools: The personal development of the dancer and how to encourage individuality – cultural diversity, evaluation and performance appraisal for individuals and organisations – Moving beyond ballet stereotypes – Avoiding infantalization both during training and career – A review as to how the public perceives today’s dancer

The 3rd Rural Retreat will be facilitated by Sue Hoyle and Prof. Christopher Bannerman and guest speakers are Serge Dorny, Director General

of the Lyon National Opera and Richard Meen, M.D., D. Psych CRCP Clinical

Director, Kinark Child and Family Service Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto.

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