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Tuesday 14 May 2013 by Sarah Kearney

As reported in the Telegraph today, Kevin O’Hare, the director of the Royal Ballet, responded to comments by former Royal Ballet principal dancer, Bryony Brind, concerning the lack of British principal dancers in the company. He said:

“The Royal Ballet today is known as one of the best companies in the world. It’s an international company with dancers from more than 19 different nationalities, many of whom have trained at the Royal Ballet School.

“It is The Royal Ballet’s unique style and breadth of repertory that attracts the best dancers from all over the world to join the Company, as has always been the case.

“The question about the Britishness of the dancers is a much bigger one; about access to dance education from an early age, training and funding.”

Read the full article, Andrew Hough, Telegraph, 14 May.13

Judith Mackrell in the Guardian discusses the importance of the creativity and talent of the Royal Ballet and how the company has been enriched by dancers and choreographers from overseas.

“Critics argue that the cosmopolitan make-up of the company threatens a dilution of the British “style”. But even that issue is moot. Dance in this country has always been a mongrel product: Ballet Rambert – now Rambert Dance company – was founded by the Polish-born Marie Rambert; while past luminaries of the Royal Ballet include the South African dancer and director Monica Mason, Canadian dancer Lyn Seymour, Ecuador-born choreographer Frederick Ashton, and of course its Irish-born founder Ninette de Valois.”

Read the full article, Judith Mackrell, Guardian, 15 May.13

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