News: The Rough Guide to Choreography

Wednesday 16 June 2004

- a four part series starring Michael Nunn and William Trevitt is currently running on Channel 4 on Saturdays @ 7pm.

As George Piper Dances (Aka the Ballet Boyz) they have had a huge impact on the dance world in the last few years, performing throughout the UK and abroad, commissioning new work from a diversity of choreographers including Russell Maliphant, Michael Clarke and Matthew Bourne. They’ve also used video in an original and witty way to elaborate on their performances

The series follows their challenge to make new work themselves. Are great choreographers born not made? They intend to find out in a short time frame and with a large audience. Michael and Billy revisit key ballet and contemporary dance makers who in different ways have also made a huge impact on the dance world, to be taught by them and get their advice. The choreographers featured include Christopher Wheeldon, currently artist in residence at New York City Ballet and Akram Khan, who is taking the UK by storm with his Kathak based contemporary work. The key questions are: What is choreography? What are the challenges of working as a choreographer in a dance company? What are the difficulties of making the transition from dancer to choreographer?
On 3 July they perform they work they have made in a live show at the Barbican. It will be filmed and edited to make the final part of the series, to be shown on Channel 4 a week later.
With the current dearth of dance programming on terrestial channels this series is sure to be essential viewing.

Channel 4 starting Sat 16 June @ 7pm
Barbican performance Sat 3 July 7.45 Tickets are £15 and can be bought online: or from the Barbican Box Office on 0845-120-7515

The Rough Guide to Choreography will also be published to accompany the series. More details to come shortly.

Interview in the Sunday Times, 6 Jun

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