News: The Rise of Bollywood Dance

Friday 7 May 2010

With the Merchants of Bollywood production coming to London this month Donald Hutera and Sarah Bloch check out Bollywood classes, films, live shows and learn more about the Slumdog Millionaire effect.

Donald Hutera learns a Bollywood-style dance routine,

“Show me how to strike a pose and I can just about do it. But any attempt to turn my skinny frame into the next Shahrukh Khan or Shahid Kapur is doomed to failure.”

So what is Bollywood Dance?
“Bollywood is a dance of mongrel impurities, a mash-up of proper Indian classicism and folk steps that freely amalgamates the hops, flicking wrists and shoulder shimmies of bhangra alongside a host of contemporary styles, from jazz, disco and street dance to Arabic and Latin American grooves.

Read the full article in The Times, 7 May.10

Shruti Merchant, assistant choreographer of Merchants of Bollywood, picks her top five iconic Bollywood dance routines,
Times, 7 May.10

*The Merchants of Bollywood* will be showing at the Peacock Theatre from 18 May – 5 June 2010.
Box office: 0844 412 4322. Ticket prices: £15 – £40
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