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Wednesday 28 May 2003

The Place celebrates with the British Museum

The 250th anniversary of the British Museum on 7 June will be a day celebrating global cultures; dance, stories, music, myths and legends from around the world. The British Museum collection, from all millennia and from all over the globe, will provide a magnificent backdrop to these stories of the world.

The Place is delighted to be taking part in the celebrations. Its Junior Dance Company, JDC, and EDge, the postgraduate performance group of London Contemporary Dance School based at The Place, will be performing new works specially created for the day.

JDC will be performing a work based on how different cultures from around the world interpret the weather. The 16 children performing on the day are from local Camden Primary schools St Aloysius, St Mary & St Pancras, and Eleanor Palmer, and are from culturally diverse backgrounds themselves. They have worked creatively with teachers during term on the performance, using the weather as a stimulus for creating movement. The children have identified with stories about the weather from around the world, drawing from their own backgrounds to pick the story they wish to perform.

EDge is a group of 11 international students, currently training at London Contemporary Dance School. Their performance on the day will be inspired by the British Museum’s Viking collection and will consist of 24 dancers (including students from the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance). The dancers will be performing a new work composed by Rachel Krische, a Jerwood Choreography Award-winner in 2002. Both JDC and EDge will perform in the Duveen Gallery, which houses the Elgin Marbles.

Performances by dancers from The Place will join the range of events taking place on the day, including readings by authors Alan Bennett and Vikram Seth and performances by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which will be complemented by world music.

28 May 03

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