News: The Place announces inaugural Cohan Lecture and re-launches the Cohan Scholarship

Friday 27 March 2015 by Clare Evans

Robert Cohan CBE founding artistic director and Patron of The Place. 
Photo: Robert Taylor

The Place announced the launch of the inaugural Cohan Lecture and the re-launch of the Cohan Scholarship at a gala event to celebrate Robert Cohan CBE’s 90th birthday last week, and the immense contribution Cohan continues to make to dance in the UK

The Cohan Lecture series will cultivate lively debate around topical issues, and Cohan himself will take part in the first debate in the series, set to take place on 11 June. The lecture will feature another great creative thinker, Sir Ken Robinson, and the two will be debating the question ‘What Matters?’.

Fueling curiosity and stimulating conversation, the Cohan Lectures seek to discover what really matters to the ‘thought leaders’ who are helping to shape our social, political, educational and cultural landscape. Over a period of 10 years, each lecture will see different high profile thinkers responding to the same question, continuing to debate ‘What Matters?’ for the next decade.

The gala event also saw the re-launch of the Cohan Scholarship. The scholarship is a way of making sure that talented, driven students who are at the brink of their professional careers are supported to excel in their dance training and to realise their potential as independent artists. The Cohan Scholarship will be awarded annually to students from London Contemporary Dance School’s BA Hons programme who are about to start their final year of study. Over £18,000 has already been raised, and the scholarship fund is now open for future donations.

Veronica Lewis, Principal of London Contemporary Dance School said “I am delighted that our founding artistic director, Robert Cohan, has re-launched a scholarship which will support named students with exceptional potential in performance. Our recruitment process focuses on talent and disregards background, ethnicity and geography, so it is important for us to support our students through their studies whilst living in London.”

“I have spent most of my 90 years in dance studios” said Robert Cohan. “They have always been wonderful places to be, filled with people who want to be there and love what they are doing. I am both lucky and happy to find that even at my age I can still be in the studio and create. Being involved with dance has always been and still is an extraordinary way for me to live my life.”

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