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Wednesday 8 July 2009

Choreographer, producer and star of the show – Adam Cooper talks about his new show Shall We Dance – based on the music of Richard Rodgers

“Here I’ve got no excuse. It’s all dance — two halves of 45 minutes, with 24 dancers, some of the best there are —and it’s the biggest show I’ve done.”
says Adam Cooper, the box-office star, director, creator, librettist and choreographer of Shall We Dance. Read more in the Evening Standard, 7 Jul 09

“I try to imagine what I would be like if I was still there, and I can’t. I lost myself completely when I was at the Royal Ballet, I lost my own personality and I stopped enjoying dancing. Ballet doesn’t offer much for sexy straight guys. “ Read more in the Times, 13 Jul 09

‘“If I was ever going to be a sportsman,” he says, “I wanted to be a decathlete, because I’d get to do everything. I think that’s just the sort of person I am. I get bored if I’m doing one sort of dance, or one sort of project, and I like to switch and change all the time.”’ Christina Patterson, Independent, 24 July.09

The BBC asked Adam what his favourite piece of music is from the show:
“One of the great things that I’ve found is a complete ballet score from Richard Rodgers, which has hardly ever been performed. Another favourite piece of mine is Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, which is part of On Your Toes the musical, which I also choreographed.” BBC, 22 July.09

Adam and his wife Sarah Wildor talk about working together:
‘SW: We dance for our daughter sometimes. It tends to be a bit jokey. She doesn’t really understand because she’s only 10 months old. She came in to watch rehearsals the other day and clapped when we came to the end of our pas de deux. I know it was just a coincidence but I don’t care. I’m keeping that moment forever.’ Read more in the “Guardian, 16 Jul 09”:

Shall We Dance runs at Sadler’s Wells from 23 July to 30 August. More details/online booking

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