News: Synchronous Objects

Monday 6 April 2009

An interactive web project which analyses choreographer William Forsythe’s piece, One Flat Thing, reproduced has just been launched.

It’s the result of a collaboration between the Forsythe Company, based in Germany and researchers at Ohio State University from the design, dance, computer science, geography, statistics and architecture departments who work together at OSU’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). Talking about the project Forsythe says: “I was drawn to Ohio State because of the intense focus on interrelation between artists and scientists at ACCAD and the unique significance of dance in that community..”….“The project starts from the recognition that choreography is an organizational practice that employs fundamental creative strategies relevant to other domains.”

Together with the fellow Creative Directors Maria Palazzi (ACCAD/Department of Design), and Norah Zuniga Shaw (ACCAD/Department of Dance) Forsythe describes the research as a process in which choreographic ideas are the source of information for the composition of unique visual objects.

The site is complex and you’ll need the latest version of Flash (version 10). It’s designed to appeal to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Palazzi says “People will access the information in the site in many ways. We want this to be a space of discovery.”

*Synchronous Objects* is the first phase of *Motion Bank*, a wider initiative that Forsythe hopes will be ‘an accessible repository of ideas developed through choreographic investigation’.


“This project is not so much for the dance world, though I wish I had had it when I was 15. But it is important that we can now disseminate expertise. Before we couldn’t watch a dance play and watch the ideas explicated at the same time. Now with digital media we can.”
Read William Forsythe interview in the Telegraph, 7 Apr 09

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