News: Swan Lake

Wednesday 29 December 2004

Swan Lake is appearing at Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Opera House, in two very different forms. Matthew Bourne’s production at Sadler’s Wells is a contemporary version with an all-male chorus of swans. Whereas the Royal Ballet is staging a revival of Sir Anthony Dowell’s more classical production.

Louise Jury finds out if London is big enough to hold such a number of swans,

“both venues insist they are complementary, not rivals, and the diversity of offerings can only encourage interest.”

At first glance it appears the clear difference between the two productions is a case of tradition versus innovation. However when Sir Anthony Dowell presented his new production in 1987, it was met with unease. As Monica Mason, director of the Royal Ballet, explained

“When we saw it in 1987 we all thought it looked rather beautiful and rather different and rather unusual”

Bourne’s production was a great success when it premiered nearly a decade ago. Jury discusses how it,

“is credited in the dance world as being a breakthrough work that brought ballet to an entirely new audience and began an increase in audiences.”

Read the full article in, Independent, 23 Dec.04

The Royal Ballet, Swan Lake
22 Dec 2004 – 25 Jan 2005
Royal Opera House. Box office: 020 7304 4000

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake
30 Nov 2004 – 16 Jan 2005
Sadler’s Wells. Box office: 0870 737 7737

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