News: Supporting Female Choreographers

Sunday 19 August 2012 by Sarah Golding

Judith Mackrell notes a turning point in the funding and commissioning of work by female choreographers,

Three years ago “Dance UK and Dance Umbrella hosted a public discussion titled simply: “Where are the women?” Anxious, angry discussions were sparked as to why an art form that used to boast a profusion of female talent had ended up with most of its high-profile choreographers being male”

“Things have begun to change. Partly, a crop of new work has appeared with xx chromosomes firmly embedded in it; partly, programmers have sharpened their focus.”

Mackrell highlights choreographers such as Liv Lorent, Gauri Sharma Tripathi, Kate Prince and others, who are helping to drive that change.

Read the full article,
Guardian, 19 Aug.12

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