News: Street dance – Romanian style

Tuesday 4 March 2008

Policeman in the Romanian city of Timisoara are taking lessons from their resident ballet company to help them direct the traffic with more elegance and precision. The police authorities have signed their men up for lessons after from the public that their movements were difficult to understand. See a video clip of the policemen in class on the BBC news website

“The aim is to help our officers develop an ability to regulate the traffic and achieve more elegance in their movements,” said Dorel Cojan, the head of Timisoara’s police force…“We hope it will be not only pleasing to the eye, but that it could also help drivers waiting at the red light who are stressed or sad,” Read more in the Guardian, 28 Feb 08

Writer Sanjoy Roy thinks we could all benefit from more dance in our everyday lives:

Your physical presence becomes more mindful, your mindfulness more corporeal. It’s a quality you could call grace – an old-fashioned, uncommon word. Read more in his blog here.

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