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Wednesday 6 October 2010

As the date for the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review announcement on funding decisions gets closer (Wed 20th October), Dance UK have launched an updated version of their DanceVote 2010 website allowing dance enthusiasts to contact their MPs – and now their local councillors as well * – * to tell them how important dance is in their lives and to encourage their represenatatives to continue supporting dance organizations and projects at this critical time.

“Dance Vote complements the work being done by the Save the Arts and I Value the Arts Campaigns who are organising petitions which hopefully thousands of people will sign in support of the arts,”
says Caroline Milller, Director of Dance UK, “but DanceVote is different because it puts you in direct touch with your MP and local councillors and lets you tell them why dance is so important to you. On the site you’ll find a box in which to complete the sentence: ‘My life would be poorer without dance because…’ Whether that’s ‘because I won’t have a job anymore’, or ‘because the care home my relative is in will lose its only social activity of the week’, let the people making the funding decisions know how important dance is to you now. This website makes it really easy to be heard.”

Choreographer Matthew Bourne is supporting the DanceVote 2010 campaign: “As an artist I understand it’s essential we keep politicians informed about dance and the positive benefits that dance generates from a relatively small amount of investment of public money. Dance provides employment for thousands of people in the UK, contributes to keeping our theatres thriving and generating income for surrounding pubs and restaurants, whilst millions of people enjoy dancing to keep fit and have fun. As an art form, dance is on an all time high in terms of visibility and the inspiration it inspires in the young. Funding for me to attend dance college and then Arts Council investment in the shows I’ve created, like Swan Lake, The Car Man and Edward Scissorhands has been absolutely essential to my career. Today those shows tour all over the world and have brought a whole new audience to dance. I am grateful for the support that I have enjoyed and I am passionate that others should be encouraged and developed in the same way – please lend your support and voice to the DanceVote 2010 campaign.”

The campaign will be running over the next fortnight up to and beyond the Comprehensive Spending Review announcement, when funding decisions will still be being made by local authorities and Arts Councils. Over the coming months MPs will remain interested in what’s going on in their local constituencies and the effects of cuts – so make sure they hear about them.

Getting involved is easy – just go to

And also sign the petitions on “”: and

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