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Tuesday 18 June 2002

Sonia Sabri Company

4 August. 02
11-11.15am RFH Ballroom
Bismillah & Welcome A musical opening to the day’s events.

11.15-1.15pm, 2.15-3.15pm Hungerford Lift Lobby (RFH Level 4)
Traditional Rangoli and Pattern Play Make vibrant patterns and designs with using powdered colour, mirrors, lentils, rice, spices and dried fruits.

11.15-1.15pm, 2.15-3.15pm Waterloo Lift Lobby (RFH Level 4)
Silk Painting Produce stunning images to be displayed during the day’s final performance using silk paints on silk fabric, led by Balbir Currie.

11.30am-12.30pm RFH Ballroom
The Very Essence Come and learn the fast spins, dazzling footwork and gestures of Kathak dance with Sonia Sabri.

11.30 – 12.30pm (For children aged 7-12yrs)
2.30pm – 3.30pm (For children aged 13yrs plus)
Terrace (RFH Level 5)
Instruments of India An introduction to Indian rhythm and melody directed by Sarvar Sabri.

11.45-12.45pm RFH Hothouse (For children aged 5-9yrs)
Dance Me a Story Let your imagination run wild and tell stories with Gig Payne using expressive moves, decorative hand gestures and facial expressions.

1-2.20pm RFH Ballroom
Performance World music from the acclaimed Sabri Ensemble and a preview of the evening’s dance performance by Sonia Sabri Company. Followed by a chance to talk to the artists about their work.

2-6pm Balcony (RFH Level 3)
2-3pm (For children aged 9yrs plus)
3.15-4.15pm (For adults)
4.30-6pm (For all ages)
Hands Up for Henna-Mehndi Learn to paint traditional Henna hand designs and personal ‘tatoos’ with Nasreen Rajabali.

2.15-3.30pm RFH Hothouse (For everyone 10yrs plus)
Passionate Performers Learn a lively Kathak routine and have the chance to perform it as part of the evening performance. Some dance (Asian or non-Asian) experience necessary. 15 places only.

2.30-3.30pm RFH Ballroom (For teens and adults)
Dha Dha Tin Ta An Indian percussion workshop led by world renowned Tabla player Sarvar Sabri. Some experience necessary. Bring along a Tabla or percussion instrument.

3.45-4.45pm RFH Hothouse (For children aged 11 plus)
Ti Dha Diga Diga Tey Exciting rhythms, tongue twisting syllables, foot stamping and sparkling movement in a lively workshop led by Noni-Jenkyn Jones.

3.45-5.45pm RFH Hungerford Bar (For 17yrs plus)
Movers, Shakers & Melody Makers Explore the composition techniques and complex time signatures of Indian music with Dr. Mark Lockett and Sarvar Sabri, with a chance to take part in the evening performance. Bring your instrument. Only 15 places.

3.45-5.15pm RFH Ballroom
Through the Keyhole Watch Akar Youth Dance and participants from the ‘Passionate Performers’ workshop in rehearsal for the final performance.

6.15pm RFH Ballroom
Performance Artists and participants of the day’s workshops transform the Ballroom into a magical space filled with dance, music and colourful art.

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