News: Sir Paul McCartney's ballet premiere

Friday 23 September 2011

Ocean’s Kingdom was premiered by the New York City Ballet last night. This is the first time that S*ir Paul McCartney* has written a ballet score.

Melissa Whitworth reviewed the evening.

“The music was very pretty, with a hint of a movie soundtrack about it (close your eyes and you could have been at the cinema); but it certainly wasn’t an embarrassment”

“As the lights dimmed and the dancing started it was clear that the performance was ballet for beginners, however.” “McCartney had a hand in the choreography too, which was perhaps where he should have left it to the experts.”

Read the full article in, The Telegraph, 23 Sep.11

Review in the Independent,

“It’s a shame then that Ocean’s Kingdom turns out to be a disappointment for fans of both McCartney and ballet. The score is perfectly pleasant, with some lilting, delicate string refrains, but it rarely grasps the imagination, and too often sounds more like incidental film music than a full-blooded ballet score.”

__“Sarah Hughes, Independent, 30 Sep.11”:

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