News: Sheron Wray receives a Fellowship

Wednesday 2 October 2002

Sheron Wray receives NESTA Fellowship
Dancer and choreographer Sheron Wray has been awarded a Fellowship of £73,320 by the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts (NESTA). She plans to use some of it to attract new audiences to dance by involving them in altering performances through game-playing using mobile phone technology, or by using computers to morph individuals into a live performance.

Sheron, from London, is an established dancer, choreographer and teacher In the last ten years, she has established her company, JazzXchange Music and Dance Company, which she founded in 1992. As the company’s artistic director she has created over twenty works, commissioned new scores and performed with live music.
Recognising Sheron’s commitment, and her undoubted excellence in producing challenging new work, NESTA’s Fellowship will run over three years. The main hub of her Fellowship will be developing a choreographic language through a series of workshops, research and residencies. These will be across the African Diaspora, including Cuba, Ghana and Jamaica. Sheron will maintain a web-based video diary throughout to share her artistic growth through web-casts and online updates.
At the same time, she will explore the potential of digital media and its ability to attract new audiences through increased participation in both live and virtual performances. This could involve audience participation via mobile phone technology, or computers. She will continue initial discussions with potential sponsors of a full-scale production, including mobile phone and digital media companies
The innovative approach Sheron takes to creating new work, and her desire to develop her ideas as a black British artist creating in the digital age, has now been given the chance to flourish away from the daily anxieties of running a successful company.

NESTA is keen to support a fine example of art and technology being combined to enrich the experience of performance. Sheron’s research could have repercussions throughout the dance sector and the art world as a whole.

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