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Friday 28 October 2005

Every year the Sciart Awards give £500,000 to support and encourage a range of original arts projects which investigate biomedical science and its social contexts, stimulating fresh thinking and debate in both disciplines. Since the scheme was launched in 1997, over 80 arts and science projects have benefited, from small-scale research through to substantial production projects across the UK, some involving dance.

Sciart is part of the Wellcome Trust’s Public Engagement grant programme Engaging Science which aims to make biomedical science more accessible, involving the public in contemporary philosophical and ethical medical issues.

Previous winning projects are now coming to fruition. Random Dance’s _ ‘Amu’ (Of the Heart)_, premiered in September at Sadler’s Wells was a collaboration between composer Sir John Tavener, heart imaging specialists Dr Philip Kilner and Dr Sonya Babu-Narayan and choreographer Wayne McGregor.

Fourteen projects have been funded this year. One of the winning projects will culminate in a dance performance next Autumn at the ICA.
Quartet will be a musical, dance, robotic and virtual dance performance. It has been pioneered by Margie Medlin at the ICA and the composer Stevie Wishart.
Digital artists are working to create a virtual dancer whose movements will be determined by the movements of Wishart as she plays the violin, hurdy-gurdy and other instruments. Choreographed by Medlin, the ‘quartet’ will consist of Wishart controlling the music, a digital, virtual dancer, a real dancer and a robot whose movements will reflect the movements of the human dancer. The artists will be working with Dr Ian Winter of the Department of Physiology at Cambridge University.

Applications for Sciart 2006 will be open from the end of November (details online and by request), the deadline for submissions will be 28th April 2006.

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