News: Sadler's Wells Chair resigns

Wednesday 14 April 2004

Denise Kingsmill has resigned as Chair of Sadler’s Wells. Paul Cullington,
Deputy Chairman of the Trust, will take over the role of Acting Chair in the
short term.

‘The protracted soap opera at the Sadler’s Wells dance theatre took another
twist yesterday when its chairman resigned after three months in the job.
Denise Kingsmill said she was stepping down after a dispute
with the board over attempts to reform the organisation. Her exit comes weeks
after the abrupt departure of Jean-Luc Choplin, the chief
executive….’ Telegraph, 9 Apr

_’“It has become increasingly clear that the board is not in agreement with
my actions to stabilise Sadler’s Wells and is not supportive of the change
programme that has been initiated,”_ she said. _“In resigning, I
hope this will be a catalyst for much-needed change.”’_ Times, 9 Apr

‘Alice Rawsthorn, who runs the *Design
Museum*, where Ms Kingsmill is deputy board chairman, said she thought
Ms Kingsmill would have been an asset at Sadler’s Wells. _“She has been
absolutely fantastic for me here. She’s got extraordinary experience of
management and governance and on a personal level she has been fantastically
generous with her time and energy. She understands the intersection between the
particular requirements of cultural organisations and the corporate sector – but
that is, perhaps, something that traditionalists in the art world find
uncomfortable.”’_ Independent, 9 Apr

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