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Tuesday 30 July 2002

Back at Covent Garden
After ten years away David Bintley explains what its like to be back. His new ballet, Les Saisons, created for the Royal Ballet will be premiered at the Royal Opera House at the end of May.
Nadine Meisner, Independent, 21 May.03
Debra Craine, Times, 13 May.03

Open House
Tony Hall Executive Director at Covent Garden, expands on the Opera House’s programme to attract new audiences. “Its our equivalent of BBC2” More in the
Sun. Times, 16 Mar. 03

is a new initiative from the Royal Opera House, the aim of which, according to Deborah Bull is “to develop new art and new artists and to welcome new artists to the Royal Opera House.” The new version of Wind in the Willows “marks the first production under the aegis of ROH2. says Nadine Meisner in the,
Independent, 9 Dec.02

The Royal Opera House
will be relaying ballet and opera to Slough, Gateshead & Merseyside in the coming year, as well as further screenings around London. Read more in the
Observer, 1 Dec. 02

Tony Hall
has been Executive Director of the Royal Opera House for a year. ‘Getting people in off the street to see the building with the hope that they might then wish to see a performance is part of Hall’s grand strategy to increase access. It is a strategy with a number of strands.’
David Lister writes in the
Independent, 29 Jul. 02

Vasko Vassilev
leader of the Royal Opera House orchestra tells Ismene Brown that ballet music’s poor image comes from the way it is conducted,
Telegraph, 9 Mar. 02

Numbers increase at the Royal Opera House

“The Future is looking Rosy at the Royal Opera House and a new audience is responding”

Rodney Miles, Times, 2 April,

The winners
of this year’s Critics’ Circle Dance Awards were announced at a ceremony at the Royal Opera House on 15 Jan.02
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Sarah Wildor
Controversy continues over Sarah Wildor’s departure from the Royal Ballet. Ismene Brown, in the Telegraph, 8 October says: “she is unforgettable in the repertory that lies at the heart of the Royal Ballet’s identity. Stretton’s failure to see that seems to show a worryingly blinkered outlook.”
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Stars feel the strain
The Royal Ballet is suffering an injury crisis. Is it bad luck, asks Ismene Brown, or the result of excessive demands on a few dancers?
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So who goes to the Opera House?
a recent survey has found some surprising results…
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