News: Romeo and Juliet reviewed..

Friday 30 July 2004

The Bolshoi’s new production of Romeo and Juliet has not been well reviewed. Max Hastings in the Guardian was equally unenthusiastic

‘… sceptics may be tempted to mock: since when has Max Hastings been a credible arbiter of artistic standards at the ROH, Glyndebourne or anywhere else? Yet my point is that I am not seeking to pass judgment as a pundit, but rather to raise a protest on behalf of rank-and-file paying customers, who are hard to find at the prices opera houses charge. They must be driven to stay at home and watch telly by a couple of evenings as insulting as, well, this week’s Romeo and Juliet.

One of the leading lights of a great opera house with whom I discussed this issue a few months ago said: “You’ve no idea how difficult it is to stop a production, once a principled decision has been made to stage it.” ‘ Read more in the Guardian, 30 Jul

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