News: Return to Coliseum

Tuesday 21 December 2004

The 21st December marks the return of the English National Ballet to the London Coliseum. With choreography by Christopher Hampson and designed by Gerald Scarfe, the company will perform The Nutcracker,
Maev Kennedy, Guardian, 21 Dec.04

Charlotte Cripps finds out about the designs for costumes and set from Scarfe, “The way I approach it is that I want to create an environment of my own. I always do the costumes and the set so that it is my world.” Independent, 20 Dec.04

David Dougill discusses the designs, choreography and performances “The key idea in the English National Ballet’s latest (2002) production of The Nutcracker, which returns to the London Coliseum this week, is that everything in the story comes out of a picture book.”
Sun. Times, 19 Dec.04

English National Ballet – Nutcracker __
__21 Dec 2004 – 8 Jan 2005
London Coliseum
Box office: 020 7632 8300

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