News: Rainbow Bear

Tuesday 3 August 2010

A bear, seals, walrus, owls and fox all feature in Rainbow Bear, a new production for the National Youth Ballet.

Jill Tookey, who started the National Youth Ballet 23 years ago, has been organising and directing the company ever since. Tookey explains how her friend Joanna Lumley, one of the NYB patrons, helped her find the right story for a new ballet,
‘I told Joanna I loved her BBC programme about the Northern Lights and said I wanted to do a ballet about the Arctic that was aesthetically similar. She said I should talk to her husband, the composer Stephen Barlow, because he had just written a score inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s book and Joanna had narrated the words. It turned out Stephen had written it with a ballet in mind and he was delighted that we wanted to put it on.’

NYB dancer Andrew McNicol highlights why he felt it was important to join the company, ‘People who have done NYB before are now at the Royal Ballet, the English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet – everywhere, so NYB is an opportunity that I felt I just had to take.’

Read the full article, Jessica Salter, Telegraph, 31 July.10

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